Through The Looking Glass AKA Once you take the Red Pill, you can't go back.

"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story."
~ Orson Welles


We take for granted the conditions that make the workings of everyday life possible – from clean water to the food in our supermarkets, and from healthcare to the ability of our economy and government to function. The increasing complexity, interdependence and global integration of systems that support the operation of modern society have also increased our vulnerability to large-scale failure. 

Meanwhile, there is an array of threats that could cause such a failure now. The risk will continue to grow as resource, environmental and socioeconomic stresses accumulate and interact. The likelihood of systemic failure – from localized and reversible, to global and irreversible – is growing, and the impacts would be catastrophic.

The physical growth of our societies will end in a near future where we reach peaks of almost all our physical resources in terms of exploitation and massive pollution. We live in an age of “Net energy decline” whereby the cheap oil our western industrial civilization was build on is gone. This is the core, major issue. Come to understand this is simple thermodynamics. The cheap oil is gone… 

The totality of the earth-system has been irreversibly altered by our activities. We are reaching toward an unstable future that will host many great perturbations, and are now experiencing repeated, multiple, continuous well deserved (we should have known better) global systemic collapse events. 


The globalized economy is a colossal Ponzi Scheme in which the vast majority survive on the bread crumbs falling off the table. The possibility of 8 billion people achieving a consumption-oriented lifestyle (like all western countries) is zero, so the World Bank conveniently set the poverty line at $1.25/day to legalize global slavery. As long as someone else's children are doing the suffering, it's "all good". 

At the largest scale, empires are grounded in pyramid dynamics, which is why they have a limited lifespan. They grow by assuming control, politically or economically of new territories, positioning themselves to cream off surpluses from an ever-expanding geographical area in a form of involuntary buy-in. 

In the past political control through invasion or physical colonization was more common, but over the past few decades, globalization has enabled the development of a sophisticated system of economic control based on international debt slavery, supplemented with economic colonization for the purpose of resource extraction. 

Both resources and financial surpluses, in the form of perpetual interest payments, are efficiently extracted from the periphery and accumulated at the center, where they lead to the development of an unprecedented level of socioeconomic complexity by psychopathic elites intent on exploiting everything they can touch. 

Wealth conveyors are now breaking down, no amount of financially squeezing the population in the central economies can compensate for the loss of that ability to accumulate wealth from virtually the whole world. We are living through the collapse of the final, all consuming economic bubble at the end of the American empire. 


TPTB have become social predators who create problems where there are none and like a cancer, slowly kill the body politic, and increasingly spoil "the commons". These cunning predators create multiple profits off of dividing humanity. They give us bread and circuses and good political soap operas for us to dance to their tune. 

The reality is that there is no collective political, economic, or military solution to our predicament. The privately-owned Federal Reserve, the US Federal Government and the Military-Industrial Complex are never up for discussion. Instead of humanity chopping at the real roots of tyranny, we are distracted by political circuses and other idiocy. 


What is needed is to withdraw your energy from the Debt and Death paradigm. First exchange your digital illusions of wealth for real, tangible assets: productive farmland, important skills and close friendships. 


Stay positive. 

Buy local to starve the Corporatocracy, shun the military and borrowing currency to help end the Debt and Death paradigm. 

Don't eat at McDonalds, try Billy's burgers, even if it's more expensive...

Don't get groceries at the big chain stores, get what you can first from the small local grocery down the street, even if it's a longer drive and they may not have all you need.

Start a garden, share the fruits of your labor with neighbors.

Why It's Important ?

Hold the light and create a vision of goodness and love to forge the way forward to the coming new age of Humanity.

What To Do About It?

Therefore, there is an urgency that defines the need to build LOCAL relationships that can drive small and large-scale contingency planning and preparedness. 

Additional Resources 

Go meet your neighbor; Have a neighborhood potluck; Do something nice for someone who needs a hand up.

It's all about Love!


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